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Phoenix AZ, Food For The Hungry

This weekend, I have the rare privileged to take the New City Fellowship show on the road. A few of my NCF team members, Jesse Heirendt and Joshua Saleem, and I are flying to Phoenix this week to lead worship music for an event hosted by Food For The Hungry. I am super excited about being involved in this event because FH is an organization that is walking out the kingdom in real tangible  acts of justice and mercy. This weekend is a special conference for folks who are being invited into the vision of FH in order to become partners with them financially and spiritually.

Nathan Corbitt wrote a book called “The Sound of the Harvest” . The title refers to a story he tells about visiting a region that was suffering in a famine. When he asked a local friend if there was music being made this year, the man responded, “Bila mavuno hakuna kuimba” or “Without a harvest, there is no singing.” This reflects the same meaning as Psalm 137 in which the artists in oppressive captivity hung their harps from the trees instead of using them to rejoice. Food for the Hungry’s mission statement reveals that they are about more than charity for the sake of easing our Western guilt. They are about restoring communities to a state of balance with nature and with God in which their hearts and bodies are restored to their intended pre-fall condition. This act of restoration brings with it “the sound of the harvest” when new songs and new forms of worship are born.

It will be a lot of fun to travel and to participate in this event, but it’s also taking me out of my comfort zones. Instead of our usual 10-piece bands at NCF, we will be limited to a trio. I’ve also experienced a type of spiritual oppression leading up to this event in which my character, my experience, and my standing in Christ have been attacked by my flesh and the accusations of the enemy. I’ve shared in the past about the kind of spiritual warfare that can be involved with crossing into unfamiliar territory, and so if you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for me and my friends as we put our faith into practice this week.

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