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Time to Register for the New City Music Conference!!!

HEY! It’s time to register for the New City Music Conference. I’m serious. No more delay. Why should you come to the conference?

  • Be Encouraged!

There will be a lot of excellent content at this conference including a line up of speakers that are well worth the trip. Are you feeling dried up, apathetic, bored, or weary? Take time to invest in your gift and your passion at this conference.

  • Meet Like Minded Musicians

You are not alone in the struggle! Whether you have been involved with cross-cultural music for decades or your ministry is just starting to consider a change, I guarantee that you will find people just like you who have been wrestling with the same stuff.

  • Hear a Ton of New Songs

Come on! Who isn’t excited about hearing new songs? One of the best parts of the NCM conferences has been the extended worship sessions. A room full of musicians, singing and celebrating is an experience that every servant-musician needs to experience. Go home after the conference with a stack of new song ideas and infuse your ministry with some fresh grooves.

  • Grow Closer to Your Team

Nothing beats a road trip to grow closer together with your team. You have friends to process the content of the conference with and friends who share your experience of the music who can help you “sell” the new songs to your folk back home.

  • Experience “worshipinthecity” LIVE!

Maybe you might be interested in hearing my plenary talk on Friday morning.  I’m not making any promises about it except that knowing my track record with public speaking, I will probably break down crying at some point so there’s that to look forward to.



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Wrote a song this morning

Facebook readers: come to

I actually woke up this morning with this song in my head. As far as I know I wrote it, but let me know if I ripped it off. Usually when I write a song in my sleep I wake up and realize that it’s the “Juicy Fruit” song or something. As you check out the song, bear in mind that it’s a rough draft and I don’t usually share a song until it’s been revised a few times.

Here are the lyrics:

Let your justice roll
Let your grace restore
Let your mercy flow
upon the earth

Let your glory reign
Let your Spirit move
Let your truth remain
upon the earth

Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done
let it shine like the sun
Let your kingdom come

Here I am, Lord,
Send me

(c) 2009 Kirk Ward

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