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Live from Twin Oaks Presbyterian, it’s Sunday night!

Members of the New City Fellowship Music Team are once again going to participate in our presbytery’s Reformation Day Service. This year’s joint service is going to be hosted by Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church which is about a million miles from here. You should be there, too.

We’re going to lead the congregation in Jesus My Great High Priest, Nitamwimbia Bwana, and Come Over Here. I am excited about another opportunity to share my song as well as another chance to share our church’s unique multicultural perspective to our PCA brethren. Sometimes these events can feel a little awkward, and at times even paternalistic. But I am thankful that they would include NCF, and I am confident that reconciliation, forgiveness, and unity are part of the Spirit’s work in these events. Besides, the Kingdom of God is bigger than our church and the power of the Spirit can work even through broken circumstances and relationships. He is our peace. Amen? So, bring the whole family out to Twin Oaks this weekend and get a little dose of Presbyterian hospitality. Besides, what would Martin Luther do?

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