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New Song: “With Trembling”

This morning, I was reading Psalm 2 and this song came to me. I’ve been enjoying listening to Gary Clark Jr. these days, so I’m sure the blues sound is coming from that inspiration. I had originally intended to make the song a metric psalm but then the idea of a narrative verse about Nebuchadnezzar came to me. Spirituals and Blues have so much story telling in them that it seemed a natural fit. I’m not totally sold on the title but it seemed the only hook in the tune.

Psalm 2 is kind of hard to read through the lens of grace and personal salvation. It’s certainly a warning that we aught to look to the Son as our only refuge or else we stand condemned. However, it’s not the picture of the gentle  “Buddy Christ” that the American culture likes to cling to. This morning, Psalm 2 spoke to me about the sovereign rule of Christ over the nations to do justice and righteousness. The kings of the nations will not be able to stop the movement of this kingdom.

With Trembling

O, Great Son of David
Anointed forever as King
We serve You, Lord, in fear
and we rejoice with trembling,
With trembling.

Why do the kings of the earth stand against You?
Why do they rage and conspire in vain?
For all the earth is your possession
And from holy mount Zion You reign

All you kings who rule by oppression
You would be wise to take heed
Kiss the Son, lest he be angry
or you’ll be broken like pottery

to chorus

One day, old king Nebuchadnezzar
Looked out on the gardens of Babylon
He lifted his voice in pride and said
“See what my mighty hand has done”

But the Lord of Heaven was listening
and He laughed at the king and said
“You boasted in your own strength in power,
so now you’ll become like a beast instead”

to chorus

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