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“A Living Sacrifice” performed by Redeemer Church PCA in Jackson MS

We sang “A Living Sacrifice” on Sunday and everybody in the band was talking about how they saw this video of Redeemer Church doing the song on youtube. This song had meant a lot to me this year especially as my family and I have been through a very stressful trial as we pursued a calling from the Lord that brought us into a lot of mess. The Lord has never promised us an easy life. In fact, we have a more certain promise that we will experience trials in order to have the power of Christ revealed in us and that trials work to purify our hearts. The cry “make me holy” is not disconnected from the offering of our lives as a sacrifice. I know that my friends at Redeemer are embracing this call in their community, and it makes me so glad to see them worshiping with my song.


By the way, please pray that the Lord would provide the means for me to make another recording. We have made a lot of financial sacrifices in order to be faithful to God’s calling for us as a family. I can’t wait to be able to record this tune which was written shortly after Guardian Grace was completed.

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