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Two St. Louis police officers wounded in shooting

Image : Two St. Louis police officers wounded in shooting.

In talking about relocation into the inner city, John Perkins talks about how it makes the problems of the city my problems, too. When there’s violence or crime, it’s my problem, too. When there’s fear or sorrow, it’s my problem, too. When the only time people hear about your neighborhood is when something bad happens, that’s my problem too. When the homes in the city become vacant because of foreclosure, that’s my problem, too.

The Messiah gave us an example of how we aught to pursue the kingdom of God. His example was in the incarnation. Jesus entered into the Roman occupation where a claim to be a leader could get you executed. Jesus entered into the world of Israel’s continuing exile where they longed to be reestablished as the covenant people of YHWH where the farce of Herod’s temple would be destroyed.

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