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October Worship Sets


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“A Living Sacrifice” performed by Redeemer Church PCA in Jackson MS

We sang “A Living Sacrifice” on Sunday and everybody in the band was talking about how they saw this video of Redeemer Church doing the song on youtube. This song had meant a lot to me this year especially as my family and I have been through a very stressful trial as we pursued a calling from the Lord that brought us into a lot of mess. The Lord has never promised us an easy life. In fact, we have a more certain promise that we will experience trials in order to have the power of Christ revealed in us and that trials work to purify our hearts. The cry “make me holy” is not disconnected from the offering of our lives as a sacrifice. I know that my friends at Redeemer are embracing this call in their community, and it makes me so glad to see them worshiping with my song.


By the way, please pray that the Lord would provide the means for me to make another recording. We have made a lot of financial sacrifices in order to be faithful to God’s calling for us as a family. I can’t wait to be able to record this tune which was written shortly after Guardian Grace was completed.

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This set list is so good that we can only make it worse

I’m sorry, but this set list is so good that our music team and singers can only make it worse. Somewhere out in the cosmic ether there’s a platonic ideal performance of this set and so it’s only going to make us disappointed on Sunday when that platonic ideal does not materialize. (Do I need to tell you that I’m being facetious?) Seriously, this weekend we have an excellent team, and so I’m really looking forward to getting into these tunes with them.

Tu Es Saint
Children’s Choir
Jesus, Oh What A Wonderful Child
You Are The Living Word
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Your Presence Is Here
NCF Choir- We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
Precious Is The Blood

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What are we singing this weekend?

Summer is always a little interesting. Who will be there this weekend and who will be on vacation? Last weekend, when I was on vacation there was also an unusual number of other musicians on vacation. We had a complete shortage of altos. Our best option was to have a soprano who could only come in on Sunday. This weekend, we have a pretty solid line-up so I pulled out all the stops.

I Will Boast – A tune by Paul Beloche which has a nice pop-punk feel. The words are taken from Jeremiah 9. I plan to rock your face off.

You Are the Living Word – Parker Loveless is in the house, and he’s our resident Fred Hammond double. Woot!

I Will Bless The Lord – Parker doesn’t get a break because he has to channel Byron Cage next. This is the second time we are doing this song. It’s  pretty challenging for our church to sink it’s collective teeth into. I hope that this time around it will connect better. Despite our reputation among our denominational sister churches, we are actually a fairly traditional church, so tunes like this one can cause a bit of culture shock.

Tu Es Saint – …speaking of culture shock…This tune comes from our Congolese folk. The Americans in our congregation always flinch at French. It’s a beautiful language to listen to, but without French classes, we struggle to pronounce the written text. This tune is a little easier for us because there’s a lot of repetition. The song has an Advent theme, but we like to sing it all throughout the year. Americans also get uncomfortable at the end when we sing the phrase “Tu Es Saint” about 40 times. What can I say? Our God is so holy that saying it 40 times is not even close to expressing his holiness.

A Living Sacrifice – Remember that tune I wrote that I posted earlier this week? I thought, “Why not?”

Dame Mas De Ti – “Give me more of You”. It’s an oldie, but it fits well with this week. We also have Spanish scholar, Kasey Bates, in the vocal team this weekend.

Year of Jubilee – “Blow ye the trumpet, blow!” My pastor rarely requests songs, so when he does, I figure it’s worth making it happen. It’s a hymn that we haven’t sung in a few years, but the melody, “Lenox”, has been used for a bunch of other hymns, so it shouldn’t be unfamiliar.

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Romans 11 Doxology

I’m pretty excited about attempting my father’s song, “Romans 11 Doxology” this Sunday. Our pastors are preaching through Romans and we are in the general vicinity of that passage, so it’s a good time to use it. We actually tried it with our church in my first year in STL, but it was not the right time. The song is also featured in the recently published, “New City Fellowship Songbook Volume 1” that my dad put together. I want to make sure that we try out all the tunes in that book at NCF STL. We already do most of the songs in the songbook, so it’s just a few that I need to add to our repertoire. You can buy the NCF songbook from my dad’s website. (I aught to also mention that two of my songs are in it as well.)

Apparently, my friends in “The Distribution” perform a cover of “Romans 11 Doxology” in the clubs. That’s pretty cool, eh?

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My Refuge

This song was written to encapsulate a big part of the vision of New City Fellowship which reflects that commitment of God’s Kingdom to be a refuge for the fatherless, the alien, and the widow. The gospel of Jesus Christ is more than personal salvation, it’s a gospel about the restoration of the whole creation and a new world order of justice and mercy. Stylistically, I took this song in a soul/gospel/rock feel that is a kind of Staple Singers sitting in with the Beatles. Enjoy!

My Refuge

You’re my refuge
My refuge O Lord
You’re my refuge
In the midst of the storm
Though the mountains my fall
and the earth give way
You’ll still be my refuge
at the end of the day

Aliens and strangers
from across the lands
are here on our doorstep
living the best they can
Famine and warfare
corruption and greed
have made these people homeless
brothers and sisters in need
Lord you were my shelter
when I was a stranger too
now when I see injustice
I want to be a refuge like you

To Chorus

In the heart of the city
a young man is there
abandoned by his father
but nobody seems to care
everyday is a battle
a struggle to stay alive
he can’t trust nobody
if he wants to survive
Lord you were my Father
when I was an orphan too
now when I see injustice
I want to be a refuge like you

To Chorus

Lord you were arrested
and falsely accused
abandoned by your best friends
tortured and abused
willingly you suffered
and were killed on a tree
you endured this injustice
to save sinners like me
Lord you were my ransom
when I deserved to suffer too
you gave me your compassion
So I could be a refuge like you.

To Chorus

“My Refuge”
Words and Music by Kirk Ward
© 2008 Kirk Ward Music

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iTunes, baby!!!

Both of my recordings are now available on iTunes. Check it out here.

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